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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Chemical Free

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We have been remodeling bathrooms for the previous few years, and it’s becoming a tradition to teach our customers on how to maintain a healthy clean space in your bathroom without using chemicals. If you know Amir (Founder of the Experts team), you know he is aiming to live a healthy lifestyle, organic, proactive for the environment and for other people’s health. Lately, Amir has decided to enrich himself and his passion and signed up to study Naturopathic, we are super excited for him and cant be more proud! The first Organic Contractor you say? we cant wait to learn more about combining living space and healthy living by our favorite contractor in King County.
Folks, this topic is relevant today more than ever, when the house is busier than ever. YES, we felt it’s time for some hacks and tips from the experts. 
Shower Doors and surrounding; Vinegar, Lemon & Water are your new best friends
Why do I love using vinegar so much? Vinegar’s acidity is what makes it such a good cleaner. Because vinegar is so acidic, it can counteract some icky buildups. It can dissolve away soap scum, brines left by hard water, and glue left behind by stickers.  A glass shower door adds modern elegance to your bathroom, but as with every other bathroom fixture exposed to moisture, unsightly grime and mineral deposits can build up. Create your own natural cleaning solution with vinegar and water. Fill your spray bottle with one part vinegar to two parts water to make the best shower cleaner. Shake the bottle to mix the two liquids well. Spray your mirror or glass surface and use a clean cloth or newspaper to wipe from top to bottom. Use firm pressure (like with a squeegee) to push all the liquid down and off the surface! If it squeaks, you’ll know it’s clean!
Another option to use vinegar is by mixing it with grease-cutting dish detergent, such as Dawn, in equal proportions. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the front and back of the doors. Let the mixture stand for about 30 minutes or until it has cut through the grime. Rinse off the solution using fresh water and a damp sponge, and dry the glass with a microfiber cloth. This vinegar and dish soap solution works for most showers, but use caution when cleaning shower doors with vinegar. If your shower is made of stone, the vinegar could damage it. Instead, mix some liquid soap with baking soda until it’s the consistency of frosting. Scrub this eco-friendly cleaner onto the glass shower door with a non scratch sponge.
My favorite option is the make some lemon juice out of those lemons we get from time to time, says Amir. The acid in the lemon juice breaks down dirt and bacteria found in soap scum. Let the lemon juice sit for 30 minutes, and then scrub the shower to remove loosened grime. Rinse the surface to wash the soap scum away. Perfecto.
Porcelain and Grout
Porcelain areas of the bathroom pick up gunk over time, so they almost always need a scrub down. Here are some ideas on how to get your grout, sink, or bathtub cleaner without using anything toxic. Sprinkle the tub, sink, or grout with baking soda, taking care to reach all areas of the tub. Use a spray bottle filled with vinegar to spray over the desired area and let sit for a few moments. Scrub the area clean with a brush and rinse away with water.
Sprinkle the area you wish to clean with baking soda and then use a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide to create a foaming natural scrub instead.
Heat a ½ cup of vinegar in the microwave until it’s very warm (not boiling) and pour into a spray bottle. Pour a ½ cup of your favorite natural dish soap into the same spray bottle and shake it lightly to mix well. Spray liberally over the desired area, let sit for a few minutes, then simply wipe away.
As you can see, it takes only a few ingredients to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and smelling fresh. These items are often found around the home and easy to buy in bulk if you want to keep them stocked up at home.
The Smells… 
Did you know that many major brand air fresheners contain toxic chemicals? they are so tempting to get, so easy to use and really smells amazing, but for me, knowing that they may also diffuse a few harmful fumes just makes it easy to DIY with a natural oil diffuser. Now that’s how you keep your bathroom smelling clean and even create a soothing atmosphere.
This hack Amir got from his mother-in-law who just loved to use essential oils everywhere around her home. Use a small glass jar (about 4 oz. or so) and fill it ¾ full with water. From that point, fill the rest of the jar with plain vodka or basic rubbing alcohol. Add 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil, less or more depending on how strong you like the fragrance. Place a few bamboo skewers in the jar. Once the bamboo has soaked up some of the liquid, you can flip it so that the dry ends will be submerged. Flip your bamboo about once a week to keep the bathroom smelling divine.
Might take you one extra step to apply these hacks and tips, we think its sure worth it, especially these days where every drop of fresh air, clean space, organic and natural is much appreciated.
Next on our list for you guys would be some of our hacks and tips for keeping your Kitchen clean and chemical free.
Team Experts.