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Designing for Wellness: Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

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When you are preparing for your Kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, know that there are many benefits that can be added to the final outcome and visuals of your home.

We are all about a Healthy life style and well-being, it has been our mission in the past few years to bring a better healthier solution to our family, friends and clients since really, we all need to take care of our health as best as we can. These days more than ever!

We are fascinated with this topic and promise to bring you more interesting topics to read. For now, here are 5 benefits that your home could and should consider when remodeling your next Kitchen or Bathroom;

1 Make Your Bathroom a Relieving Zone

A nice relaxing bath has been shown to have a myriad of health benefits.

Having a beautiful new tub to relax in will make you more likely to take advantage of the benefits.

Try a garden tub, a jacuzzi, or massaging shower panels to help your muscles and mind relax.

Add Plants! Yes plants, there are actually specific types of plants that will grow better in your bathroom, and are known to have a relaxing calming effect.

They have tons of wellness benefits, from improving the air quality (by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen) to regulating humidity.

They also provide a natural mood-boosting lift and according to some studies can even reduce stress levels, increase memory retention and concentration, and filter out VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and some pollutants.

2 Eliminate Excessive Moisture and Reduce Mold Risk

Older plumbing and rotting bathroom floors can lead to mold.

This mold can grow and turn into a significant health risk for your entire family.

Updating your flooring to a more water-resistant option, and increasing ventilation will help keep your family healthy.

Don’t let your family live their life at risk of mold poisoning and developing chronic diseases by overlooking your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

3 Upgrade and Remove Toxic Chemicals and Paint Areas

Older bathrooms can have harmful chemicals and paint products used in them, such as lead and asbestos.

This is why it is essential to have an insured professional assess and perform your remodeling job, who will take the necessary precautions and safely remove any toxins.

Once the toxic chemicals are out, you can have them replaced with responsibly sourced materials that will help keep your family happy and healthy for years to come.

4 Use Design and Shapes to Improve Ergonomics and Efficiency

Older appliances, tubs, counters, etcetera, were often made mainly for their appearance and not for their ease of use or efficiency.

Redesigning your kitchen to follow the triangle rule will reduce stress on your body, and make cooking dinner at home a more enjoyable experience.

Once the kitchen is beautifully remodeled, your family will be more likely to eat at home, increasing their health exponentially versus eating takeout.

When redesigning your bathroom, go for slip-resistant flooring options to reduce fall risks.

Also, consider mirror height, vanity height, and bathtub options that are more ergonomically correct for your body.

5 Easy-to-Clean Surfaces to Combat Germs While Remodeling

Older countertops are often porous surfaces that are hard to clean.

Replacing them with nonporous surfaces will make disinfecting a breeze, and reduce food-borne illness and cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Think about all the germs breeding on your bathroom vanity that get caught in the pores of the surface. How much could that be reduced by having a surface that would be easier to clean?