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The Top Bathroom Remodeling Trend in 2022

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The Bathroom remodeling trends in 2022 are sure to include many of the trends that are popular now. There will be clean lines, white space, natural stone, and glass. Marble, wood, traditional tile, and wallpaper for the bathroom. However below is the top bathroom remodel trend that we expect to see in 2022

The top trend that will shape the bathroom remodeling industry.

Homeowners are nowadays more and more interested in having bathrooms that are energy-efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, this bathroom trend of 2022 will be heavily influenced by the desire to make homes more environmentally friendly. 

This means that homeowners will be installing more efficient water fixtures, like dual flush toilets, and showerheads with low flow rates. 

Why going green will top the bathroom remodeling industry.

Green remodeling is the future of the bathroom remodeling industry. That’s right, remodeling your bathroom will be green, but why? Well, because green remodeling is about making your house more environmentally friendly. In addition, going green involves not only saving the planet but also saving your wallet.

How to turn your bathroom green?

Bathrooms in the United States use a huge amount of water and energy in general. To combat this and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • First, check your faucet and see if it’s leaking. If it is, get a handle that will help you identify when it’s leaking and avoid wasting water. Then, replace it with a new, water-efficient model. 
  • Also, fix any leaks in your toilets. You can use a dye tablet to find the location, and it’s also a good idea to buy a new, high-efficiency toilet. 
  • Install low-flow showerheads.
  • Turn down your sink’s water temperature. This may be harder to do since the faucet may have to be replaced, but it will certainly help. 
  • Get an eco-friendly toilet seat. They are comfortable and easy to install. That’s all there is to it!

How does this affect the average homeowner?

Choosing environmentally friendly options in your bathroom remodeling does not just constitute the fixtures but your habits as well. For example, a lot of bathroom habits are uniquely tied to the products that you use.  

To fix this; 

  • Take a look at your current products and see which ones contain harmful chemicals.
  • Then, switch to more environmentally friendly products in your bathroom. These include biodegradable soap and shampoo and other products.
  • Recycle all the packaging and make sure you wash out containers and bottles before recycling them.
  • Towels are one of the biggest water guzzlers in the bathroom, so one fantastic way of reducing your water consumption is to use fewer towels. 


As a homeowner, it is your choice to become greener however once you have made that decision our experts at American remodeling experts can help you with this task. We hope that the few tips we have given you today will help you on your way forward. 

In addition, if you do have any questions about turning your bathroom remodeling green, then reach out using the contact form above and we will be glad to help you with a free consultation.