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10 Ideas for What a Bathroom Remodeling looks like in 2021?

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There are many ideas for bathroom remodeling, both children and adults can design, so have fun. Whether you need the inspiration to plan your bathroom renovation or build a designer bathroom from scratch, we have the help of top designers, decorators, and architects in the Seattle and Northwest area.
Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens has burdened the owners with pain, untimely deadlines, and high costs. The actual cost of renovating a bathroom can be unexpectedly high, so it’s worth thinking outside the box and finding smarter and more economical options. After a cheap and slim bathroom renovation, you will not only get a clean, transparent and practical bathroom.

Below are the top ideas for the bathroom remodeling.

1. White modern bathroom
When you think about the white and modern style, this is the bathroom you can imagine. You need clean lines, white and organic details. Due to the continuous floor and tiles throughout the room, the shower faded into the background.

2. Cobbled bathroom
The stone floor and the pillars of the large lodge are undoubtedly similar to the beach. Last time, don’t forget to put your beach items in the bathroom to cleanse the skin of salt. Pebble is a great way to start.

3. Fresh traditional bathroom
Would you like to enter this beautiful and fresh bathroom and feel refreshed? Lots of white and green decorations, lots of light, Roman shades of bamboo. All this together creates a beautiful and fresh bathroom that will take you all day.

4. Simple and clean traditional bathroom
A gentle cyan is enough to bring some fun, but not far from neutrality, so you’ll soon get bored. Thanks to its clean lines, simple shapes, and traditional faucet details, this bathroom will remain classic for many years.

5. A small and practical bathroom
This small bathroom saves space and has a shower between the sink and the floor. Natural light through the windows really matters. Impressive mosaics add personality and personality.

6. The smallest SPA bathroom
Sometimes the essence of luxury is not rich, but sometimes you don’t need anything. The spacious open bathroom is an excellent example of a spa you need. A simple freestanding bathtub, classic marble counter-tops, and exquisite chandeliers provide all the functions you need.

7. Luxurious bathroom
The bathroom features bold black and white wood wallpaper. The use of black and white photo lithography and wall art can enhance the “engraving” space. A light blue color brightens the whole room.

8. Bamboo Wallpaper bathroom
Bamboo wallpaper is inspired by the exotic, eclectic greenery of the bathroom. Similarly, the fresh powder room uses this green bamboo plaid wallpaper for a bold choice. There are fresh green window frames, bamboo curtains, and delicate mirror frames in this space, which is special and unique.

9. Shower room with a large shower
Bathroom-inspired slate and Sogner tiles cut across the shower waterfall
We all dream of swimming in a refreshing waterfall in a tropical forest (some even tried!). This luxurious bathroom looks like an impressive little cave on a private tropical island with slate walls and a rough natural stone wall. A waterfall is definitely a typical shower change.

10. Small bathroom with a large shower
Being smaller doesn’t mean it won’t work! This shower cubicle bathroom can put the toilet in the shower cubicle and save a lot of space. The shelf is a place to put plants by the window and a place to store a shower. This plant gives the impression of fresh green, in contrast to the white and gray tiles’ clinical appearance.


A bathroom remodel can be challenging, but I hope the above ideas can help you as you make your plans.