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Are you thinking of home additions in your house?

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If your family numbers are growing so fast, it is wise to consider a complement rather than buying a new home. American Remodeling Experts have your back in this to ensure that quality livable square footage gets increased in your home.

Even if you have plans to sell your home later, an addition in your residing space will help you save up to 60 percent of the renovation costs. It would also boost your home value.

Do you want to know how the company does all these? Keep on scrolling to understand the types of house additions and why they are essential.


We offer an array of additions that would ensure that you have all the space you need in your home.

Additions area meant to address your needs for bigger living space at a low cost. It includes sun-rooms and garage conversion to a living room.

Here are some of the additions that you can opt for to expand living space:

  • Conventional house addition

It is an addition where an extra room structure is built on the side of your house and is permanently open to your home.

Our professional technicians blend the design so well that you can hardly notice that it got added.

Below are some of the examples of house additions types that can get added to your main house:

1. Master bedroom

2. Guest rooms

3. Dining room

4. Family room

5. Bathroom

  • Bump out addition

A single room structure is built on the house’s side and gets meant for only one function. With such a room addition, our experts lay a new roof-line in a flat position to expand the size of your home. It hence creates more space for your family members to reside.

  • Sun-room addition

It is a house addition built on the side of the house to supplement your living area. We use durable and pre-fabricated materials to create a unique sun-room that will last for an extended period. Such high-quality materials include thermal-resistant glass and aluminum. However, if you need a sun-room that visually matches your main house, our experts use concrete and sticks built from lumber.

  • Garage conversion

Suppose you are running out of space in your house. In that case, you can decide to seek the services of American Remodeling Experts to turn your garage into a living area. We would add flooring, install a ceiling, and replace garage doors with a durable and concrete wall.


Adding extra rooms in your home is way much cheaper than opting to purchase a new home. Save your money today and take decisive action to add a place or two in your house. With this, you will have created more space and give your home an aesthetic look. Ensure that you go through our insightful article to have fantastic home additions ideas that would help you make the right house addition decision.