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Adding something new to our home makes us excited and makes our home look nice. For getting the new addition to your home done, you need to have the best home addition, contractor. 

An addition to your home can be anything. It could be extending your living area or extending your balcony. Home addition requires a lot of work and can be expensive. So, you would want to get it done by someone you trust. 

Home addition work cannot be done again and again as it requires a lot of money and work. Once you get it done, you can only think of getting it done after a few years so you should be satisfied with the work. 

If you live in Issaquah and Sammamish, then you need not worry as you have the best home addition contractor nearby your place. American Remodeling Experts have been in this business for years and they are considered to be one of the best home addition contractors. 

What is so special about American Remodeling Experts? 

  • They value your time and money– American Remodeling Experts value their customer’s time and money as they offer a free consultation in which they take an idea of your time as well as your budget. 

Then according to your time and budget, they create a plan for you in which they try to work according to your time and your budget. 

  • They like taking ideas from their customers– Customer satisfaction is the priority of American Remodeling Experts. They encourage their customers to share pictures of their dream house with them so that they can have a clear idea about it.  
  • They value the opinions of your family– American Remodeling Experts is a family-oriented company so they understand the importance of your family. They highly encourage all the members to be present at the time of the free consultation so that everyone can give their input. 


To know more about American Remodeling Experts, you can visit their official website. They have a lot of testimonials from their clients on their website where you can check out the reviews by their previous clients. 

You will also find a lot of pictures of their previous work so you can get an idea of how your work will be done. They ask for a small deposit before the project begins but otherwise, you can pay them once the work is done. 

To book your free consultation with the best home addition contractors in town, you can call 425-416-0017 or directly go to their official website. Their operating hours are 9 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday.  

As they are a family-oriented business, they do not work on Saturday and Sunday as they consider it family time.