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Professional Full Home Remodel Services

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Our professional full home remodels services, and talented team can handle any space carefully and gracefully. Besides, we can actually work quickly and efficiently to save time and money and start living in your dream home in Seattle.

Whether you want to increase your property’s value by completely renovating your home before it’s sold, or you wish to close your home. And build your own. There is a chance that a renovation project will take place in the future.

Besides, there are a lot of things to consider. The most important of these is how to find a contractor, how to reduce costs, and ultimately how to make your ideas come true.

Our certified professionals are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve home remodeling tasks.

We are actually committed to providing our customers with quality service. From planning to actual construction, our professionals work hard to offer excellent complete home remodeling services in your area.

Complete renovation of the house

In one of the many instances that we encounter, American Remodeling Experts came in after a client’s home was nearly underwater after some unexpected downpours for two weeks when they were away on vacation.  

After a complete outlook and with the client’s blessing, we decided to complete the house. From the rarely used DIY room, an extra bathroom and compact home office emerged.

Moreover, the former library has a complete transformation into a kitchen-oven with stained glass windows, a private oven, a removable staircase for a “disabled” parent coming to live with them, and a custom kitchen.

The adjoining central kitchen has custom cabinets with corner ceilings, custom hoods, and copper sinks. Moreover, the dressing room features new custom cabinets, cast glass counters, gilded bathroom fixtures, and Venetian plaster walls. In contrast, the living room has a custom interior with a backrest and modern furnishings with dark blue decor.

The client had no option but to Fall in love with their home again

Get a complete family home remodeling in the Seattle area

Is there anything special that draws you into your current home? As time goes by, the excitement typically subsides, and the obvious begins to take hold. If you fall out of love with your space, you need a complete home makeover.

Moreover, we at American Remodeling Experts love to renew spaces by removing unnecessary walls, re-evaluating the floor plan, opening your favorite room, and decorating it brilliantly.

Why gets a Professional complete home remodeling Service?

The complete renovation of the house is not an easy task. If you are inexperienced, it is better to invest in specialized construction services than to solve this project on your own. The reason is:

  • Contractors know how to deal with potential problems
  • Having a professional do a complete home remodel is a safer choice
  • Never spend the night at home or work on weekends


Your home is the place of your dreams, and you don’t have to compromise on those dreams. Over time, homes age and sometimes require roofing, cladding, or flooring needs remodeling.

We at American Remodeling Experts take your budget into account and offer a complete home renovation service.