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Remodeling Living Room Ideas for a shared Working Space In The Pandemic

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Since COVID-19 took over daily life in March of 2020, the number of people working and studying at home has increased rapidly.

For some families, this not only finds space for parents’ work but also means “going to school” for their children. The new shared space requirement has made remodeling living rooms into necessities.

Shared space

Sometimes this is a simple answer. Transform a rarely used dining room into an office, transform the living room into a classroom, or complete more work and study areas on the lower floors.

But if the answer isn’t easy, what options are available? It is enough to divide the working area of ​​the room, and it can be used for other purposes. The right way.

Visually separated work and living space.

Place a bookcase or screen/room divider to use as a room divider. Add an interesting carpet or floor to emphasize further that this is another area.

The visual difference helps the brain focus on work and school problems in the work area … and leave these problems in another part of the room (in the living room or bedroom).

Foldable Furniture

Select a table that can be closed. Foldable, Secretarial, and Murphy Desk can be closed when not in use.

Similarly, make sure school-age children have drawers, trash cans, or baskets to store school supplies. This allows you to keep school hours and leave the classroom when class time is over.

Choose a storage item that looks like a piece of furniture for the home. Metal filing cabinets and shelves full of notebooks and folders can seem to pierce your living quarters.

Also, choose the right shelves to decorate your room and put cluttered papers and other work and school clutter in beautiful closed or trash cans that you can easily close and slide into these shelves.

A storage unit that acts as a seat or footrest is also a practical option. There are a lot of double works in 2021, and you can easily find the style that fits your space.

Adjust the orientation of the work area so you can see the room. When the work or school space is pushed into tight spaces, desks usually lean against a wall, sometimes built into a sofa or closet.

If you need to push a table or workbench against a wall, choose a wheeled chair. So you can move it away from the wall during use. Alternatively, you can hang a mirror on your desk and enjoy the view of the room or outside.


Since the living room can be for multiple purposes, it is necessary to combine various pieces of furniture to cover all possible activities in the shared room.

Similarly, when considering the idea of ​​the shared living room, please consider your space first. If your home is usually small, it’s important to have enough shelves, cabinets, or drawers to meet your storage needs.