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Remodeling Services That Make Your Home Envious To All

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If you are actually looking for home remodeling services, you need to consider American remodeling experts. Similarly, what sets us apart from other home improvement and roofing companies nearby is our passion for helping our customers. Our mission is to actually provide you and your family with excellent and first-class solutions.

When it comes to remodeling services, they encompass a whole lot of areas, and below are the ones that we are experts in;

Kitchen and bathroom

Our team handles all aspects of pipes, cabinets, countertops, showers, tiles, and more. Supports project design or design.

Installation of floor/tiles

Our team installs professionally selected floors, carpets, tiles, hardwood, laminates, premium vinyl, etc.

Commercial building

Renovation of office and clinic, renovation of restaurant and bar, renovation of the cafeteria, renovation of a bathroom, ceiling installation, electrical and pipe renovation, etc.

Replacement of windows and doors

It can be challenging to change the look of a house. No need to replace old doors or windows! Besides, you will benefit from energy savings and charm.

Cut concrete with a saw

Need a draft for a new underground bathroom? Do you want to install an exhaust port? Do you want to cut this particular border? Specify any specific saw work, and we will do it.

Basement Renovations

Renovate the basement to add value to your home. Increase storage space. Create an entertainment area. We can actually help you get the most out of your space.

Basic maintenance

Our team can help you identify and solve fundamental problems: underground wall repair, impregnation, concrete leveling, exterior repair of the foundational wall.


Whether you are replacing an existing wall panel, installing a new wall panel, or renovating a part, Matrix Construction does it for you.

Painting inside and out

Apply new paint to your home. We offer color suggestions and transform your space into new colors using large, high-quality brands.

Flood / repair

Whether you are protecting your home from ground damage or repairing damage from pipes or natural disasters, we quickly assess and determine the best solution for your needs.

Drainage and Driveways

We repair and replace drains, downspouts, ceilings, dashboards, collectors, etc. We help you decorate the exterior walls of your house and fasten both ends correctly.

Bedroom and other areas

Need an extra bedroom? Do you want to use the extra space in the rear space above the garage? We can help you build a complete extension to your home.


New lighting? Ceiling fan? Smart home automation? Is there a problem with the electrical service panel? Our team can fix or install it correctly and safely for you.

Repair and install dry glass

There are specialists in the entire repair process of drywall. Whether you are hanging, gluing, dusting, or polishing, you can make your walls and ceiling look new.


We provide qualified services to keep your home in good condition or bring it back to the market. We will solve your problems on time and do a professional job in time.