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What To Actually Expect From Your Full Home Remodel  

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A full home remodel is a big project, and you should know what to expect before embarking on it. Below are these things to know about the project.

Working area

You cannot start work until all elements have been removed from the area you want to remodel. Similarly, homeowners are responsible for packing, storing, and moving items of all sizes.

All subcontractors do give special attention to your stuff but are not responsible for any damaged items left in the work area.

Your project manager

There are only a few needs for a home remodel, so we typically wear multiple hats.

One is involved in sales. The other meets all the homeowners and manages the design choices of the project.  And The last is in charge of the day-to-day.

Entering your home

Seems easy. To get the job done, you need to be able to get into your home easily. So we work with our clients to keep this process as simple as possible while keeping homeowners comfortable.

This is typically done using a door key code box or a garage door code. We make sure your home is locked.

Work hours

Our weekly work is from 8:00 – 4:30 from Monday to Friday. Some subcontractors prefer to start before 7:30 am or stay until 6:00 pm.

Similarly, we make sure to contact the host before arriving or departing outside normal business hours.

Does your child have a late start time every Thursday? No problem and we have you covered.

Child and pet safety

To protect the safety of your family, try to keep children and pets away from the workplace.

We protect your pets (kennel, laundry, etc.) as much as possible during the working day. We don’t want fur puppies to slip and fall off when the staff comes and goes.

Project timing and delays

All of our contracts have lines for starting and completing projects. Through design and construction, we will do everything possible to achieve these goals.

We can’t control many things. In our work process, project delays seem to be inevitable. Weather delays, material delays, material shortages.

Speaking of subcontractors

Our homeowners consult the project manager directly, and they change the scope of work, which is in everyone’s best interest.

This important document is the main point included in the contract price, and nobody wants to receive a surprise invoice.

So if you have any questions or want to make changes, please consult your project manager.

Control the chaos

There is no doubt that remodeling is a hassle. We do our best to control dust and debris, but they will spread.

Weather permitting, wood and tiles will be cut outdoors. When polishing drywall mud, turn off the HVAC system to prevent these particles from being inhaled.


A full home remodel is not an easy project to undertake personally. So we recommend finding an expert contractor to help you out. It will be cheaper in the long run.