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What You Don’t Know About Our Home Remodels In 2021?

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Home remodels are still possible even in this Covid-19 pandemic world. However, you have to find the best home remodeling expert for your needs.

Well, we provide the services of home remodeling. And upgrading to determine the best design style, focusing on specific styles. And personalities, as well as remodeling ideas in the Seattle Area.

The remodeling services we provide

At American home remodeling Services, our expertise ranges from multi-million dollar luxury real estate. To country-style beach houses, environmentally friendly modern-style houses, and high-rise apartments.

Our remodeling team enjoys a high reputation throughout the Seattle area and is innovative and unique.

Similarly, Our design process is based on the existence of every stage. From pre-planning, construction, and modification as needed.

To delivery and installation, to the collection of linen, fabric, and even art.

Besides, from the kitchen to the living room, from the master bedroom to the outdoor terrace. We are incredibly proud of the choice of remodeling work. Moreover, we love and enjoy beautifying Seattle area houses.

In addition to basic remodel consulting, space planning, project management, custom remodeling work, drawing, rendering, stage layout. And ecological design, we also provide the following remodeling services.

  • Paint selection

Not only does it actually look good, but it can also save you money. And help you really choose and decide on the paint color that suits your personality.

  • Kitchen interior remodeling and design

We open up the kitchen space and inspire us to cook more meals and use the light from the natural windows to provide warmth. And emotion to space, genuinely focusing on kitchen usage. Furthermore, we remodel beautiful kitchens for houses of all sizes.

  • Bathroom remodel services

We can improve your bathroom design, make your neighbors envy. And finally, provide you with the opportunity to use the luxurious bath soap purchased by your mother.

  • Interior design, bedroom remodel, and renovation

We have an interior design room where you can stay overnight in this five-star hotel. If you have children, we can also design a nursery.

  • Living room remodeling

Are you still using cheap casual TV cabinets? Now is the time to help us choose new furniture for the living room, if possible, to look good alone. And fit the living room space appropriately to use that space. Now it’s time to use existing parts. When it comes to interior design, everything changes.

  • Interior design restaurant

We have designed a charming and practical restaurant that will be happy to welcome dinner guests. But cooking delicious food is entirely up to you.


In The Seattle area, we provide a variety of remodeling services to meet your specific project needs.

Houses resold to the market, holiday remodeling, rebuilding more open living rooms for social functions. If you need color suggestions for new paint colors for home offices. Or comprehensive home remodeling and refurbishment, then we can actually help.